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Since 2000, Nexus Kenpo Martial Arts has been providing instruction in Kenpo and the martial arts in the Marietta, GA area.

Free Private Lesson: Call 678 427- 0564

Now Enrolling Students for Lessons at: Custer Park Sports and Fitness Center 545 Kenneth E. Marcus Way Marietts, GA 30060 Contact: Louie Jiles (678) 427-0564

What is Kenpo?


Kenpo (pronounced Kempo) is a martial art that teaches self-defense and fitness through three primary methods: self-defense techniques, forms, and sparring. However, Kenpo diverges from traditional Karate in several important respects. . Kenpo emphasizes vital point attacks using punches, strikes ad kicks. Throws, reality grappling and combat kickboxing are also important in Kenpo.

Kenpo Self-defense techniques help Kenpo students develop their skills by allowing them to practice with different situations and experiment with what-if scenarios. As they progress, the forms and katas help them to develop self-awareness and self-expression. Kumite (also known as freestyle or sparring) is an exercise in which students test their skills, self-confidence, and self-control in a friendly competition among other classmates. It gives students the opportunity to develop their reflexes and timing in a controlled environment while engaging in a sport activity.

The Kenpo style strives to maintain a balance between "martial" and "art." The "martial" aspect is expressed by effective efficient self-defense concepts and techniques. The "art" is expressed by creativity, self-expression, and presentation of form.

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